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Reyes-to-English Translation

“I doeh thinga dat wayah”:  I don’t think that way.

“poo mah bayees fingan da bawiyu”:  Put my best swing on the ball.

“I heeyur to heppa disteen to winna agayeen”:  I’m here to help this team win again.

“Deen oyur tee nayur goen tratta ween”:  The other team over there [in the other dugout] is also trying to win.

“I doe yonna say jes I doe yonna say no”:  I can neither confirm nor deny that statement.

“I no go eef I donna hee turd fo showa”:  It is unclear whether or not I will be batting 3rd in the future.

“I nowe eef I hee turd I no gonna run lie crasee lie I ron inda leeyo spah”:  I have reasoned that the primary strategic implication of my hitting third is a crimp on my ability to steal bases, which I practice freely while batting leadoff.

“tushzheer”: two years

“puddah een da bahs”:  put it in the past

“We woyukeen so hahd indah ah spreen trainee tootyn marry too der playoff”:  We are working so hard from Spring Training onward in order to make it into the playoffs.

“deefah”:  defense

“no daoh”:  no doubt

“das dee moes impohtahn playee oh dah gayee”:  That’s the most important play of the game.

“geen ethtra owoots toodah oter teen”:  give extra outs to the other team

“you no wanna louwooss”:  you wouldn’t want to lose

“ed’rybahn:”  everbody

“vacone”:  back home

“goo waysse”:  good ways

“Ees gonna be ree essiteen”:  It’s going to be very exciting.

“Ees nada bou wine poisson”:  It’s not about one person

“no se cow”:  It doesn’t count

“Bee ee  Wayaner”:  Billy Wagner

“JJ Poo Too”:  JJ Putz, also

“ree exsytah yeeah”:  a truly exciting year

“Aye no hay no payeen, aye hay yo soiyaree lie tree moints aygoh”:  I don’t have any pain, I had the surgery three months ago

“gayee mah pahwah bayeek”:  get my power back

“o’jeer”:  all year

“nu’jeer”:  new year

“noda hayood”:  not that hard

“foyo speat”:  full speed

“tate dat ten done aye oot”:  take that tendon out

“day dodo toad mee datz da best dayseejohn ju evah mayeek”:  the doctor told me that it was the best decision that I have ever made

“we woikin ghemma con-fee-day rah nowu”:  We are working on getting my confidence together right now.

“ahad a leey probah apple”:  I had a little problem with that part

“ah inspect to hada bih jeer”:  Until then, I had anticipated having a big year performance-wise

“doe gow”:  dugout

“sah frah ciskah”:  San Francisco

“ah gotta cordi sun shah der”:  I was the recipient of a cortisone shot while I was there

“datdo wanna gayanee wars”:  I would not have wanted to exacerbate the problem

“nesgay”:  next game

“bakamalayee”:  back of my leg

“peer-eh-peer tree man”:  therapy treatment

“pordat done wook ow”:  but that didn’t work out as I had intended it to

“sane tine”:  same time

“won teen win so many inyuree”:  a single team with myriad injuries

“pojison plairs”:  position players

“aye yo no WAY deedah cone frone”:  I don’t know where THAT came from (regarding the supposed animosity between Jose and Willie Randolph)

“weegott goo relationshee”:  We had an excellent rapport

“ah wus beehye wiyee wan hunray puhcey”:  I was behind Willie 100%

“aya verr confotobodat”:  I am very comfortable with / confident in that

“ho playee”:  home plate

“ferjeer”:  first year

“datz gunna hayeepmee”:  that would be very helpful

“treepo”:  triple

“aye da gahyee hu lye kah tubee onna da feeyu”:  I’m the guy who enjoys being on the field

“laymay datcleeyr…”:  Let me state, for the record, in no uncertain terms…

“jungplairs”:  younger players

“oathplairs”:  older players

“heeya lotta bo indah gap”:  hit a lot of balls into the gaps

“a lotta speeyo in ow bowclahn”:  a lot of speed on our ballclub


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Save Citi Field!

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I clicked to the Mets Today blog with the illustrious Joe Janish one day and read a feature about the ‘Citi’ in Citi Field being under threat of enforced retraction [original SN article here].  I’m open to it.  The team has an identity problem.  It’s bad enough that Daryl Boston was called upon to represent Dwight Gooden’s number in the Shea Stadium Closing Ceremonies, but the “Mets” and their members deserve recognition from the organization, before Jackie Robinson assists with political favors and before CitiBank pitches in $400M.  In fairness, it’s a real problem for many teams:  how do you both honor the organization’s history, and provide innovative and profitable sources of revenue?

 That said, an impromptu think tank came together [myself, jrz, buddio, GiantDamnYankee, macphistto01, dallasbomber7] in August of last year on the DN discussion pages on the heels of the “Jackie Robinson” Rotunda and “Citi”Field naming announcements.  I’ve reproduced the results below.  Feel free to add to the list:

 The Kaz Matsui Rotunda

 The Keith Hernandez Honorary Rail

 The Dwight Gooden Observation Deck [highest spot in the park]

 The Saberhagen Laundromat

 Strawberry Field

 The Bobby Bonilla Ball Pit

 The Buckner Grounds

 The Rey Ordonez Bus Stop

 Choo Choo Coleman Train Station

 The Lenny Dykstra Juice Bar

 The Harry Carey Hot Dog Stand

 The Mike Piazza Nail Salon

 The Vince Coleman Fireworks Hut

 The Rickey Henderson Poker Room

 The Billy Wagner Meatball Stand

Kris Benson’s Titty Bar

 Benitez Barber Shop

 Gary Carter Employment Office

 Pedro’s Fried Chicken

 Heilman’s Tattoo Parlor

 Cleon Jones Van Shop

 Octavio Dotel Hotel

 Jose Reyes Day Care

 Kevin Mac-n-Cheese Shack

 John Franco’s Dogs

 Duaner Sanchez Taxi Service

 Tom Glavine Dental Clinic

 Ron Darling Loan Center

 Tom Glavine Dental Clinic

 The Omar Minaya Pawn Shop

 The Jerry Manuel Garden

 Dallas Green Anger Management Clinic

 Art Howe Sleep Center

 The Willie Randolph Scapegoat Petting Zoo

 The Mister Met Memorial

 Dave Magadan Walkway

 Wally Backman Wife Beater and Finance Center

 Rusty Staub’s Leather Accoutrements

 UPDATE:  In the interest of fairness, what other bajillion-dollar sports megacomplex needs help, and how can we do that?

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January 30, 2009 at 3:45 pm

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