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On This Day in Yankee History…

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On this day in 1903, the leadership of the well-established National League and the three-year-old upstart American League met to talk unity and the reconciling of rules.  Two important outcomes of the meeting were the creation of the World Series and a 15-1 vote to install an American League franchise in New York (the lone dissenter was John T. Bush, whose National League New York Giants had enjoyed a near-monopoly over the city).

Shortly after, the flagging Baltimore Oriole franchise was purchased, uprooted, and imported to New York City by the (logical) duo of Frank Farrell, a pool-hall and gambling kingpin, and William Deverey, a former Police Chief.  A field (there were no stadiums yet) was hastily thrown together on Manhattan’s highest point, on Broadway between 165th and 168th Streets.  The local press dubbed the team “the Highlanders” and called the field “Hilltop Park”.  That neighborhood would eventually become Washington Heights, the birthplaces of Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez.  The New York Highlanders would eventually become the New York Yankees.


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March 12, 2010 at 7:00 am



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September 27, 2009 at 5:13 pm

Yankees Clinch! ::: Mets Flinch

Yanks clinchMets lose.

That it happens in Anaheim is a good thing.  That ARod shouldered the final heave-ho is even better, and is the second time this year that he didn’t have to ape for the camera in order to get a good look from it (the first time was versus Boston, at the stadium, in extra innings).  That Brett Gardner tagged and scored on a shallow liner is a little nod to SciosciaBall.  It takes every weapon to win a fight.  Damaso Marte keeps disappointing in a big way; that’s alright, we still have Nick Swisher dealing from the left and this guy is on his way back.  Marte to the playoffs would be a mistake, at any rate, because he’s obviously weeks away from being effective.

Happy 24th Birthday, Joba Chamberlain!

Written by Ryan

September 23, 2009 at 9:26 am

9/11 Remembrance

By “Leviathan”:

Never Forget?

Who could forget that perfect September morning?

How could anyone forget the sound of a jet roaring in just above the buildings of lower Manhattan?

Who could forget the way the world literally shook when it slammed into Tower 2?

Who could forget the blue September sky snowing?

Who could forget that looking into the gaping wounds of Towers 1 and 2 and the fires that filled them made you feel as if you must be staring straight into hell?

Who could forget the people jumping and thinking how horrific it must have been to pick that as the better option?

Who could forget the heroism of the NYFD and NYPD and all the Emergency Service workers who sped by in what seemed like an endless parade of sirens, many rushing to their deaths trying to rescue others?

Who could forget the sense of relief that it was over only when you saw the US fighter jets soaring over Manhattan?

Who can forget finding out about friends lost as you saw their families on tv holding pictures and hoping against hope that they would find them?

Who could forget the friends that were only there for that morning and never left?

Who could forget the anger and sadness going back into a war zone or the thick, burning air that engulfed you for months?

And who could forget the twins you now see everyday, born after Sept. 11, who never got to know their father?

Never Forget? How could I?

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September 11, 2009 at 9:53 am

Jeter Singles, Ties Lou Gehrig’s Club Record ::: Another Misch’d Opportunity for Mets

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September 10, 2009 at 7:45 am

Jeter Leads Yanks Over Sox ::: Sasquatch Throws Perfect Game, Santa Hits for Cycle During Solar Eclipse at Citi Field

Yanks winMets lose.


Yanks up seven-and-a-half.  Let it not be said that Yankee Stadium induces home runs at an alarmingly unnatural rate; this team can put five balls in nine innings out of any stadium versus anybody.  Derek Jeter was all over Boston last night, at the plate, in the hole, on the bases.

Metsies were very close to taking that game back from the Phils, unfortunately, the circumstances were perfect for an unassisted triple play to stunt the 9th inning rally and deflate Citi Field.  One of those rare bad breaks that has plagued Citi this year.  I wish I had this guy‘s boss.

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August 24, 2009 at 8:13 am

Box Scores 4/21/09

Yanks winMets lose.

Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera have a classic evening for the 57th time.  Brett Gardner is getting used to the warning track, just in time.  It all came together last night, but let’s hope the Yanks save something for the big Sox series coming up.

Carlos Beltran is fast but he needs to get ’em dirty right there.  Dan Murphy’s physical comedy is par excellence, but it’s getting old fast.  He needs to work on a “catch the ball” routine.

Check out my BDD Yankee game summary.  Make sure you hit Uncle Sal’s for the Adventures of Dallas Bomber in New York City, a fun read and a sharp double from DB7.