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ARod Stuns ARod with Career Feat, Says ARod ::: Oh, That Figures

Yanks winMets win.

103-59 wins the prize!  Who called it?

70-92 wins nothing!  Who would have guessed it!

Tigers and Twins to play nine on Tuesday for the division.

ARod reached 30-100 again, in spectacular fashion, and no one has more to say about it than ARod himself.  I guess he’s warmed up for the postseason.  Let’s see if he flips that power switch in the postseason, when it counts for something more, for the team.

Nelson Figueroa pitched a consoling complete game to the faithful at Citi Field.




Written by Ryan

October 5, 2009 at 9:32 am

Jeter Singles, Ties Lou Gehrig’s Club Record ::: Another Misch’d Opportunity for Mets

Yanks winMets loseJeter ties.


Written by Ryan

September 10, 2009 at 7:45 am

Ramiro Pena Breaks Up Halladay No-Hitter; Miley Cyrus Fondles ARod in Afghanistan, Angelina Jolie Gropes Chappaquiddick

Trying to get hits here, fellas.

Yanks lose, Mets win.


Roy Halladay is the greatest pitcher in baseball.  That said, I’m going to keep going on and on about Ramiro Pena, the able infielder who brings a good energy to the club.  El Tucan (I made that nickname up) laced a double down the RF line in the sixth to spoil the Halladay no-no.  Derek Jeter’s off-day perhaps meant the rest of the team slacked, or perhaps it was a give-it-up to the one Jays pitcher that can shut you down in a three-game series (damn these new-fangled four-game sets), or, they unconsciously tried to boost Jeter’s “team-batting-average-with-Jeter” relevance for the MVP drive.  I can hope, can’t I?

Pettitte faces Brad Cecil at 1pm today, followed by Mitre vs. Tallet on Sunday at 1pm.

The Battle of the Bankrupts began with a Met victory at Citi Field, with Bobby Parnell defeating Carlos Zambrano in what passes these days as a duel.  Cory Sullivan was a hero for the Mets, starting the scoring in the second by cracking a solo homer off the Pepsi Porch, robbing Fukudome of a sure double with a smooth dive catch in the sixth, and adding a run-scoring single in the eighth.  We haven’t seen a rising star in Citi Field like that since last week or so.

Today at 1pm it’s Harden vs. Figueroa, followed by Wells vs. Pelfrey on Sunday at 1pm.

Maybe the Boston/MLB/NESPN/Disney/Marvel/Pfizer/John Henry/Satanic multinational industrial complex is trying to tell Jon Papelbon that their demographic surveys are reading more favorably for Daniel Bard.

Johan shall return.

I’m not sure what surprises me more, the fact that PED violations in the NFL are not especially news-worthy in and of themselves, or that a young NFL linebacker would train with former UFC champion and 40-plus-year-old MMA legend Randy “The Natural” Couture to stay in better shape than any football program would keep him.  Couture was a champion collegiate and Olympian greco-roman wrestler who basically learned how to punch, elbow, and roundhouse kick – eventually becoming an icon of mixed martial arts.

Jeter Leads Yanks Over Sox ::: Sasquatch Throws Perfect Game, Santa Hits for Cycle During Solar Eclipse at Citi Field

Yanks winMets lose.


Yanks up seven-and-a-half.  Let it not be said that Yankee Stadium induces home runs at an alarmingly unnatural rate; this team can put five balls in nine innings out of any stadium versus anybody.  Derek Jeter was all over Boston last night, at the plate, in the hole, on the bases.

Metsies were very close to taking that game back from the Phils, unfortunately, the circumstances were perfect for an unassisted triple play to stunt the 9th inning rally and deflate Citi Field.  One of those rare bad breaks that has plagued Citi this year.  I wish I had this guy‘s boss.

Written by Ryan

August 24, 2009 at 8:13 am

Historic Night for blah blah blah; Mets’ Win With Artillery

Yanks loseMets win.

Josh Beckett didn’t let the Yanks touch the ball, and they are shut out for the first time this year.  A.J. Burnett was hitting 96 on the gun, but unfortunately, he couldn’t find the strike zone if you paid him – which, WE ARE.  So the Universe turns to Brett Tomko.  I’m gonna skip all the mojo/history talk because that’s the job of  Probability Monkies typing infinitely.  Yanks just have to pitch and hit.  Chien-Ming Wang takes the mound tonight (rub them Rosaries) and hopefully the Yanks look down to see that they have had the nuts to take these guys all along.  Maybe Joe Girardi will shake things up some, light a fire in a garbabe can or something.  Big Papi had a home run.  Whoopty doo.

Over in Flushing, the Mets demonstrated that Johan Santana can have an off night on the mound and they can still beat their primary rival.  Johan gave up five runs and smacked a clutch RBI double in the tightly-played matchup.  Baseballs were clearing the fences at an alarming rate.  Sharp plays all over the field.  That’s winning baseball.

C’mon officer, just let Granny drive away in a huff:

Club Records Set for Walk-Offs, Balks.

Yanks winMets lose

Happy May.  I’ll take a “W” no matter how it comes.  The club record is tied with three consecutive walk-offs.  Alfredo Aceves is my favorite reliever.

Mike Pelfrey is one smooth operator.  The club record is tied with three balks in a single start.

Box Scores 4/21/09

Yanks winMets lose.

Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera have a classic evening for the 57th time.  Brett Gardner is getting used to the warning track, just in time.  It all came together last night, but let’s hope the Yanks save something for the big Sox series coming up.

Carlos Beltran is fast but he needs to get ’em dirty right there.  Dan Murphy’s physical comedy is par excellence, but it’s getting old fast.  He needs to work on a “catch the ball” routine.

Check out my BDD Yankee game summary.  Make sure you hit Uncle Sal’s for the Adventures of Dallas Bomber in New York City, a fun read and a sharp double from DB7.